2 de febrero de 2011

Jackie Edwards - This Is My Story

Disc 1:
1) Your Eyes Are Dreaming (Original Version)
2) We're Gonna Love
3) Tell Me Darling
4) Heaven Just Knows (Original Version)
5) Whenever There's Moonlight
6) All My Days
7) Why Make Believe
8) The Things You Do
9) The Vow [with Millie Small]
10) The Same One
11) This Is My Story [with Millie Small]
12) At The End (Of The Rainbow)
13) My Desire [with Millie Small]
14) Too Experienced
15) Oh Manio
16) In Paradise [with Judy Mowatt]
17) Come On Girl
18) Your Eyes Are Dreaming (Reggae Version)
19) Johnny Gunman
20) I Do Love You
21) Who Told You So
22) Julie On My Mind
23) Miss Black & Beautiful
24) Do What You Wanna Do
25) Mary
26) Theme From Peyton Place
27) You're My Future Wife
28) Do You Believe In Love

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Disc 2:
1) Before The Next Teardrop Falls
2) Back In My Arms
3) Reap What You Sow
4) I'll Never Believe In You
5) So Jah Seh
6) Invasion (aka 'Wa Da Da')
7) Tell Me Darling (Reggae Version)
8) What You Gonna Do
9) Come Closer To Me
10) Sincerely
11) If I Didn't Have A Dime To Play The Jukebox
12) Keep On Running
13) I'm In The Mood For Love
14) Get Up
15) When I Fall In Love
16) Heaven Just Knows (Reggae Version)
17) My Name Is Fred (OK Fred)
18) All Shook Up
19) Ghetto King (aka 'King Of The Ghetto')
20) Ghetto Queen
21) Girl Of My Dreams [with Doreen Schaffer]
22) See Dem A Gwan Deh (Can't You Do Something)
23) Pledging My Love

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  1. Hola,
    has puesto el mismo enlace para los dos CD's.
    ¡Un saludo!

  2. Si. eso ya lo arregle ase tiempo. pero ya quedo solucionado :). cualquier cosa avisen porfa